OpenAI Is Constrained By GPU Availability, A New Open Source LLM With 40B Parameters, And A List Of Notable Companies Raising Huge AI Funds

published4 months ago
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OpenAI Is Constrained By GPU Availability, A New Open Source LLM With 40B Parameters, And A List Of Notable Companies Raising Huge AI Funds

Today, we have a story for you about how the availability of GPUs is blocking progress on LLMs. We also touch on OpenAI’s plans for the next 24 months.

Next, we continue with the open-sourcing of HuggingFace’s #1 ranked LLM. Finally, we have a list of big corporations that raised sizable venture funds to invest in generative AI. I am sure that one of them will surprise you!

Let’s jump in!

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OpenAI’s Plans According To Sam Altman

During a discussion with developers, Sam Altman provided insights into the company’s plans. OpenAI is currently facing limitations due to GPU availability, delaying their short-term goals. Altman outlined OpenAI’s near-term roadmap, including the development of a cheaper and faster GPT-4, longer context windows, and a stateful API. Multimodality is expected to come in 2024. Similar to the near-term goals, the progress on multimodality is also heavily constrained by the availability of GPUs. Further, ChatGPT plugins are not expected to be released soon. OpenAI aims to avoid competing with its customers, with the exception of ChatGPT. They are planning to further develop the popular chat model into a “super smart assistant for work”. Altman also emphasized the need for regulation of future models while advocating for open source. He even said that OpenAI is considering open-sourcing GPT-3 but that they are skeptical about which organizations and individuals would be able to use it. Last but not least OpenAI’s internal data suggests that scaling laws for model performance still hold causing them to continue scaling up their models possibly by 2-3x year over year.

UAE’s Model Falcon (40B) is now Royalty Free

The Technology Innovation Institute’s (TII) Falcon 40B, is now royalty-free for commercial and research use. Falcon 40B, ranked the number one LLM globally on the HuggingFace leaderboard, surpasses competitors such as Meta’s LLaMA and Stability AI’s StableLM. Released under the Apache 2.0 software license, Falcon 40B provides users with access to all relevant patents. The move reflects TII’s commitment to innovation, knowledge-sharing, and positioning the UAE as a global AI leader. The royalty-free deployment of Falcon 40B aims to empower organizations with progress in AI applications across industries. They further state that the initiative is meant to promote inclusivity and unified technological advancements.

Pretty neat that is!

Corporate VCs Are Riding The AI Startup Wave

Companies are ramping up their investments in the booming AI startup ecosystem. Generative AI and LLMs are gaining attention for their potential to automate various business tasks. A big strength of corporate VCs is their ability to provide the technology ecosystems of their parent companies to the startups they back.

Here, are four notable mentions of companies that raised funds dedicated to AI:

  • Salesforce with $250M dedicated to generative AI
  • Workday adds $250M to their existing fund mostly to invest in AI
  • OpenAI raises a $175M fund to invest in AI startups
  • Amazon recently announced an accelerator program for generative AI startups

Yes, you saw that right!

OpenAI is raising a huge fund to invest in AI startups. This is a pretty genius move on their end. On the one hand, their brand will make startups line up while scratching the window like cats hoping they will be let in. On the other hand, they control the most popular LLM API out there. This gives them invaluable insights into which startups are likely to gain traction.

Thank you for reading!

As always, I really enjoyed making this for you and sincerely hope you found it useful!

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