The 44 Most Promising AI Startups, OpenAI Big In Japan, And AutoGPT Starting A New Movement

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The 44 Most Promising AI Startups, OpenAI Big In Japan, And AutoGPT Starting A New Movement

The world of machine learning progresses faster than a cheetah running on an airport’s moving walkway.

In this week’s issue, we will cover AutoGPT, an open source project which aims at building a fully autonomous agent by giving GPT access to the internet and common business tools.

We also got a list of the 44 promising AI companies. It includes descriptions of what each company does as well as funding information. So, if you are looking to build in the space or just want to get an idea of the landscape make sure to check it out!

Last but not least, we will look at OpenAI’s expansion plans to the far east as well as a tech giant that seems to be missing the AI party - Amazon.

Let’s jump in!

A List Of The 44 Most Promising AI Startups

If you are building in the space, this could be super interesting to you. The list shows the amount of funding and explains briefly what each of the companies does.

AutoGPT Exciting Project That Showcases How GPT Models Can Become Autonomous Agents

Auto-GPT is an experimental open-source application designed to explore the capabilities of language learning models (LLMs) to automate a range of tasks without explicit instructions. Led by Toran Bruce Richards, founder of Significant Gravitas, a group of developers created Auto-GPT as an example of how to combine LLMs with other high-powered tools to manage operations like coding and idea development. While Auto-GPT is still in the experimental phase, it is expected to be able to demonstrate GPT-4’s many advantages, such as its improved short- and long-term memory capacity, access to the web for data collection, and use of popular internet resources to produce more effective algorithms.

Amazon Is Hinting At Releasing Their Own LLM-Based Systems

The tech giants are battling it out over who comes out ahead in the AI race. But where is Amazon? At a recent all-hands meeting for cloud computing employees, executives at Amazon’s cloud computing division assured staff they are not falling behind on AI. They emphasized that Amazon operates the massive AWS cloud computing business, which has partnerships with AI firms including Stability AI and Hugging Face. Further, Amazon is already using ML across many of its business divisions. However, its failure to launch a consumer-facing generative AI was what gave rise to speculation it has fallen behind in the AI race. If you’d ask me their statement sounds to me like they missed the ball on LLMs.

OpenAI Is Looking Into Expanding To Japan

AI research firm OpenAI is reportedly exploring setting up a branch in Japan. Sam Altman, the company’s CEO, has said that the goal is to engage in more dialogue with Japanese talent and make the company’s models more accurate for the country’s inhabitants. Altman’s comments came after he met with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Tokyo where he stated that OpenAI hopes to open an office there in the near future. He did not offer further details about the move, however, Altman did suggest that more information would be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

Stuff like this makes me excited for the future!

Thank you for reading! As always, I really enjoyed making this for you and sincerely hope you found it useful!

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